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Do you know that it is prohibited in Islam to choose Muslim baby names that have bad meanings? Also, it is highly discouraged in Islam to twist Muslim names. It is mentioned in the Quran (49:11) that believers should not call each other by offensive names. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) has also strictly advised us to choose names with good meanings.

The journey of finding a great Muslim Baby Name

When you’re expecting, there is a lot going on in your life. With your newborn about to enlighten your life and fill it with happiness, there come many responsibilities for you to manage. One such responsibility is choosing a proper name for your baby. There are many Muslim baby boy and girl names that sound really charming and have great meanings. The variety of these popular baby names may even confuse you.

Thousand Baby Names at one place

But while finding the most suitable and unique baby name for your newborn seems a bit tedious, the whole process can be fun when you do it the right way, with the right help. That is where you can use online services like “Sweetbabyname.com”. It is a large database of classic as well as modern baby names. It helps you find the best baby boy name for your handsome little one and/or a beautiful baby girl name for your cute little princess.

Avoiding Nicknames when calling Muslim Names

But before you choose the best baby name for your newborn, make sure to choose a name that cannot be twisted. It is especially prevalent or a “custom” in Asian countries to twist baby names. More often than not, the twisted name becomes the identity of the person even when he or she grows to become an adult. This can not only be insulting but also psychologically distressing for your child if he or she has to endure any such event.

Your responsibility as a parent

That is exactly why you—as a parent—needs to not only choose the most suitable and well- meaning Muslim baby name, but also to discourage anyone in the later life from twisting the name or making a nickname out of it. Often, parents choose a unique name that is quite hard to pronounce so people normally shorten the name to use it as per their own convenience. This should never be the case. To avoid such instances, you can choose a popular baby name that is well-meaning, easy to speak and suits well to your baby’s personality.

Best tips to help you choose the right baby name

  • Avoid baby names that are too trendy. Trends pass but the name will stay with your baby forever.
  • Consult with others. Especially, your elders, friends and other family members. You will find lots of well-meaning and popular muslim names there.
  • Consult with a religious scholar. They can also help you choose some of the best baby names.
  • Use a service like “Sweetbabyname.com” You will find many unique baby names with meanings and characteristics defined.
  • There are modern baby names as well. You can look for them too.
  • Discuss the final list of names with your partner.

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