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Things should be known If 1-month baby is infected with the coronavirus.

Over the past few days, there have been reports of children being infected one after another. On February 4, the Chinese Health Commission announced the case of a 7-month-old coronavirus-infected case.

The cause of the child’s infection was that the baby girl grandfather and grandmother came to hospital on January 20, family dinners on the 21st and 24th, and the community health service center on the 25th to verify after receiving two active health declarations in the 26th, 2 people were included in key areas for management. At that time, the baby girl lived with her parents, grandmother and grandfather.

On February 2, the grandfather of the baby girl was diagnosed with pneumonia infected by the new coronavirus. The baby girl and her father, mother, grandma, grandfather, grandmother, etc. were in close contact with the family medical observation. Transfer to hospital for isolation treatment. After being diagnosed on February 3, the baby girl, her mother, and her grandfather were confirmed cases; her father, grandma, and grandmother's new coronavirus nucleic acid test was negative, and they continued to implement isolation and observation.

On February 4, the Provincial Health Commission issued a notice that 1-month-old baby was diagnosed with a new type of coronavirus pneumonia. He went for checkup with his parents to visit relatives on January 16, and had contacted relatives in same city.

There was a video before. A little baby who was infected and isolated asked the doctor for a hug. The doctor turned to tears, and the tears fell down.

For such a small baby, he didn't know what happened, and he didn't understand why he was kept in the house alone. Without the arms of his parents, grandparents, he could not go home, and he had to undergo endless examinations and take medicine. Thinking of these, my heart really hurts.

Therefore, don't let every one of us be lucky, especially if there are children at home, whether it is parents, grandparents, protect yourself, protect the child, because if someone is infected at home, the child will not be spared.

Therefore, for the sake of children, I urge everyone in the family to do the following things.

Avoid infection

3 things to do when parents go out

If you do not go out and stay at home to isolate, as long as there is no patient at home, you don’t have to worry, this is naturally the best. But the reality is absolutely not going out, and it may be unrealistic not to contact anyone, such as buying food, throwing garbage, going to express delivery, etc. How to protect if going out?

Keep more than 1 meter away from people

Who goes out to keep a distance, such as keeping a distance of 1 meter or even 2 meters, you can minimize the spread of each other. As long as the means of spreading the new corona virus is droplets and contact transmission, it is basically safe to maintain such a distance from people.

Be careful not to touch your hands

Pay attention to hand hygiene, try to minimize direct contact with access control, door handles, elevator buttons, stair handrails. After contact, be careful not to touch your face, eyes, nose, or mouth with your hands. Because of contact transmission, it is also one of the transmission routes of the new coronavirus.

wear mask

Today, the People's Daily published the mask standards that can be worn on different occasions for your reference.

Do I need to wear disposable gloves?

Answer: No need. Disposable gloves can indeed protect the hygiene of hands, but disposable gloves have a poor body feel, and most of them are difficult to get used to wearing such gloves for a long time. If you are not hygienic, you can spread the virus when you touch the gloves when they are contaminated. If you touch the mouth, nose and nose while wearing the contaminated gloves, it will also cause infection, so it is not recommended. The core is to pay attention to hand hygiene, wash your hands in a timely manner if your hands are dirty.

After returning home, Please do the following 5 things

  • It is recommended to put the shoes worn outside the door Or use shoe boxes and shoe covers to "separate" the shoes and put them in the entrance to reduce the risk of indoor pollution.
  • Take off your outer clothing and replace it with home clothing. If you think the clothes are seriously polluted on the way, you can spray the clothes with 75% alcohol, then turn the clothes inside out and hang them on the balcony to ventilate.
  • Remove the mask as required, throw it in the trash, and do not place it around yourself or others. If you think the mask is seriously polluted on the way, you can put it in a garbage bag to seal it.
  • After handling the mask and clothing, remember to wash and disinfect Rub your hands with running water and soap for 20 seconds.
  • Open the windows and keep the home ventilated for 5-10 minutes Opening windows helps to renew indoor air and effectively reduce the amount of viruses that may exist in the room, and the outdoor air will not "dilute" the virus into the room.
  • Do I need to wash my hair after I go home?

    There is no need to wash every time. The clothes can be taken off and placed in a ventilated place. Generally, the virus will not survive that long. In an outdoor environment, even if the virus touches the hair, it will not survive for a long time. The mother with the child recommends that the hair be tied up to minimize the chance of the child touching the hair.

    Daily baby care

    Do the following 4 things

    Everyone observes the child's stool

    It ’s important to keep your bowel system smooth! Beware of dyspepsia, diarrhoea, constipation and other indigestion and intestinal abnormalities. Pay attention to the color, volume, and smell of urine.

    Daily nutrition balance

    Ensure adequate nutrition, properly eat high-protein foods, fresh and clean vegetables and fruits, and add nuts with rich flavors over the age of 3 (do not eat them in young children).

    You can eat all the ingredients

    Do n’t be partial to food, not picky to eat, meat and vegetables are properly matched, do not eat wild animals, should be based on a light and easy to digest diet, not greasy big fish and meat, lest the unhealthy diet lead to unnecessary panic caused by diarrhea.

    Drink plenty of water

    Drink plenty of water and urinate in moderation. Try not to drink cold water. It is better to drink warm water to speed up the body's metabolism. At the same time, increase the consumption of dairy products (milk and yogurt).

    Do home disinfection

    For details on how to operate, please refer to our previous article. Families with children must not sterilize randomly. These 5 disinfection taboos can not be committed

    What if there is a suspected infection?

    1. Parents with suspected cases at home should live as far away as possible from their children. 2. Suspected parents avoid contact with children. They must wear appropriate masks at home (do not wear protective masks with breathing valves). Children over 1 year old should also wear proper masks correctly. 3. There is a shortage of materials in the epidemic situation. If conditions permit, children's surgical masks → children's medical masks → disposable masks → children's cotton masks should be selected first.

    All types of masks have limited protective effects and should be replaced within 2 to 4 hours. Replace the mask when it becomes wet or contaminated with secretions. Before putting on the child, pull the folds of the mouth mask to fit the face of the child, and then press the metal strips on both sides of the nose bridge so that the upper end of the mask is close to the nose bridge, so the protection will be better. What should I do if my child comes into contact with a suspected patient?

    Parents must not hide, do not choose to escape because of fear. Actively observe the isolation at home for 14 days, asymptomatic can lift the isolation but try not to go out. The child's condition changes quickly. Once symptoms are present, you should go to the fever clinic of the nearest hospital for pediatrics.

    If the child has this symptom, See a doctor immediately

    The new coronavirus infection is similar to the common cold: there may be fever, feeling weakness in the limbs, dry cough, and cases with insignificant symptoms, or other systemic symptoms such as digestive system, cardiovascular system, nervous system, ophthalmological symptoms, etc., especially newborn The symptoms of children and infants may be more atypical.

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