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Top Baby Names that Defined this Decade. Khalessi| Walter | Holland

This decade has been pretty interesting. The world has seen technological advancement like never before. Social media ruled everywhere. And while there have been some uncertain times as well, people, through humanity, came closer to each other across the globe. This decade, the parents’ preferences about the popular baby names have also changed. Let’s explore how.

Popular Baby Names from Pop Culture

Just like always, the baby names in this decade were defined through some common manners. One such manner was naming babies after famous Pop Culture characters. For example, with the release of “Star Wars” this decade, the name “Kylo” topped the charts across multiple states in the U.S as a common baby boy name. Likewise, people started naming their daughters “Adele” after the famous British singer.

Movies Ruled

Likewise, with TV shows such as Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory and others, names such as “Arya”, “John”, “Baker”, “Fox” and “Khalessi” also became a trend among the parents.
Another area that influenced the parents’ decisions when it came to naming their babies was “places they had visited and were influenced from”. Popular baby names such as “Cairo”, “Caspian”, “Harlem”, “Vienna” and “Holland” were derived from the famous places across the
globe. Particularly, the name “Holland” gathered more fame after the famous young actor “Tom Holland” who played Peter Parker in the “Spiderman”.

Greeks are back

Another never-ending trend is to choose baby names from Greek mythology. Powerful Baby Names such as “Apollo”, “Zeus”, “Athena”, “Freya” and lots of other baby boy and girls’ names have always been trending. This decade was no different. Parents choose these names as they reflect the strength, beauty, and distinctiveness associated with the names. These names are still trending as they are being used in movies, books, and other media entertainment resources.

Gender-Neutral Names:

Another trend that prevailed this decade was the use of gender-neutral names. Parents now understand that a person’s personality determines his character and not just his name. They also understand that it is fine to choose names for boys that are different. Popular baby names such as “Robin”, “Nova”, “Remy” and “Tatum” have made their mark among unique baby names and baby girl names. All in all, it is a welcome change that parents are now moving towards setting their own trends. The latest being “X Æ A-12”. Yes, that’s a baby name. The famous entrepreneur Elon musk named his baby with this unique name.

Mixing and Matching different baby names:

Another trend which we have witnessed is “Mix n Match”. Parents often create a new name by combining names from different ethnicities. Or they use international names even though the baby names aren’t a norm in their region. We saw many different baby names coming out from different languages such as Sanskrit, Arabic, Japanese and Scottish. Famous baby names such as “Kenzo”, “Veda”, “Noor”, “Bodhi” and “Alessia” are among the modern baby names that were derived from different ethnicities and chosen by parents all over the world.

What we think

All in all, baby names don’t have to be complicated, typical or really serious. At the same time, you need to make sure that you don’t choose a baby boy name so different that he may face jest or mocking in his adult life. With that being said, sky is the limit and there are thousands of beautiful baby names here as well. Simply browse through the archives and choose the baby name that suits you the best. Voila!

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