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Best Muslim Baby Names for 2021 | How to Choose?

2020 brought us many uncertain events. Thankfully, it has ended and with the beginning of 2021, we want to congratulate you both for the new year and for the new addition to your family. If you are expecting or gave birth to a cute little angel recently, you must be worried about choosing an elegant Muslim baby name for your child. Do not worry. This is where your search for an amazing baby name ends.

The process can be a bit confusing:

There are literally hundreds of thousands of baby names in the world. These names are often derived from different cultures, traditions, trends and other customs. Often we see a new baby name suddenly gaining popularity around the world due to the fame of its bearer. These are normally trendy baby names that may settle after a while. At the same time, many parents love to show respect to their ancestors by choosing classic baby names. All in all, the whole “baby naming” process can be a bit confusing without a proper thought process. 

When, where and how do you begin?

But how do you begin and where do you begin? That is exactly where we come in. Today, we are going to help you with finding the best Muslim baby name for your newborn without having to invest days or even weeks. All the popular Islamic baby names with meanings are available on this website and you won’t need to go anywhere else. But first, you need to clear your mind about the kind of baby name you want for your young one.

Most Beautiful Names in the whole Universe:

Every parents have their own set of preferences and priorities when it comes to unique baby names. Some parents prefer to name their baby after names that are mentioned in the Holy Book “Quran”. Some prefer to choose from the 99 names of “Almighty”, or the Holy Prophet (PBUH) or his comrades. These are extremely well-meaning names that can bestow many blessings upon your child if you prefer to choose them. As a matter of fact, in the UK alone, the most popular Muslim baby name is “Muhammad” which is the name of our Holy Prophet (PBUH) and is equally adopted around the world for baby names.

Modern Names:

Some parents also prefer to name their babies after recent and modern personalities. These can be accomplished scientists, authors, and other personalities that have achieved a greater level of success in their field of interests. These modern Muslim baby names may belong to different ethnicities and have different historical background. For example, with the recent popularity of Turkey entertainment media, Muslim parents around the world may choose Turkish baby names for their newborn regardless of their own culture and norms.

Naming your baby after your loved ones:

Likewise, some parents also prefer to name their babies after their loved ones. A child may carry the name of his or her grandfather or grandmother to reflect the love and gratitude. All in all, there can be different scenarios that play a major role when deciding the best Muslim baby name for your newborn. But it all boils down to one thing, “You want to find a righteous Islamic name that will suit your baby and add elegance to his or her personality.” 

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