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Choose the Popular Muslim Name for your Baby Boy

Islam: A treasure of Good names

Islam has pure essence in every field of life. It has pure representation of righteousness & purity. Reflection of purity must be seen in your baby boy life so it needs to start from its Muslim names. Being Muslims, we should show a true identity of Islamic values. What if it starts from your baby’s name? A right Muslim baby boy name would have a reflection of your child’s personality. A unique baby name with wonderful meaning has a great influence on individual’s personality. 

Quranic instructions for naming :

“Don’t Call them with bad names.” Islam is a complete religion with complete guidance & it has treasure of beautiful & unique baby names. We are blessed to have Quran in our life. Holy Quran is the best source of Quranic Muslim names. There’re lots of best Muslim names are found in it. In Holy book, every sacred personality is discussed with different angels. One thing thay needs to be noticed that every personality has recognition through his name instead of his face. It shows importance of name. Your child must have a name from this collection & we got benefit from this Islamic name mentioned in Quran & arranged for you. It may provide you a great help & considered a great source of finding right Islamic names.

Holy Prophet’s names: blessings on your Child: 

We have a best source of beautiful & best Muslim baby boy names in the name of Holy Prophet. Some of the name from them are given by Allah directly in Quran. Allah’s love for His prophet is unconditional & every parent wants a small drop of those blessings in their child’s life. It can be assure by giving them Holy Prophet’s name. Allah Almighty calls His prophet with many unique & beautiful names in Quran. We collect all of them for your baby boy. 

Importance of Islamic names:

Islamic names play a key role in Muslims life. It’s very difficult to find right Muslim name with its best meanings. A true fragrance of the collection of Muslim names is mostly missing nowadays. A fine collection of popular Muslim baby names are available with their true fragrance of islam. We have done an effort & tried to give you a comfortable & convenient platform where you can search a number of modern baby boy names. Most of us are yet unknown about their name meaning. We provide you a complete guide with a treasure of thousands names because we want you to have a real fragrance of Muslim names in one click. 

Holy Surah: Masculine names

There are many Surah started with Holy names in Quran & Allah Almighty calls Holy Prophet with best names. There’s a unique list of Muslims names like  Taha, Al-Imran, Mudassar, Ibrahim & many more others are clues of unique Muslim boy names, we collect such names for your baby boy. 

I hope our research will have enough collection for quenching your thirst of searching unique Baby Boy Names. 

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