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Galeena name meaning

Galeena is a feminine given name of Celtic origin that means "valiant". It also comes from the Gaelic word for "fair" or "good".
The name is popular in the United States, ranking as the 1211th most popular female baby name there. It was first used in 1892.
Galeena is a name that originates from the Gaelic language. It means "dream".
The name Galeena was ranked at number 579 in the US in 2016.

Galeena is a baby girl name.

galeena is a variant of Galen which means "cure".
Galeena is a baby girl name. Galeena is a variant of Galen which means "cure".
The name "Galeena" is an English baby name. In English, the meaning of the name Galeena is "from the Old Welsh word for fair".
Galeena has a deep root in Old Welsh, which became a common moniker in England following the Norman Invasion.

This is a list of some Lithuanian baby names.

Ieva -
Aida -
Alina -
Rasa -
Saulė -
Eglė -
The name "galena" is pronounced as ga-LEE-nuh.
Sometimes, galena may be pronounced as "gah-LEE-nuh" and sometimes as "GAH-Leh-Nah."

Name: Galena

Pronunciation: Sometimes, galena may be pronounced as "gah-LEE-nuh" and sometimes as "GAH-Leh-Nah."
There are plenty of names that can be used to name a baby girl who is born in the geology era. The names are mostly derived from the earth, rocks, and minerals.
The names may also come from other elements like water or vegetation. You can choose to use one or two words, or use your full name as well.
Some examples of geologies baby girl names are Isla, Shila, Esmae, Minae, Orla

Galena is a mineral ore, lead sulfide.

Galena is a mineral ore, lead sulfide. The silver content was especially high in the famous "silver mountains" or "silver hills", which are now known to have been made up entirely of galena. Galena is one of the most widely used minerals for X-ray crystallography because it clearly shows the crystal faces that are present in the crystal structure.

A very common name.

Galena is a feminine name that means "white lead" in hebrew. The meaning of the word "galena" in hebrew is “the white lead”. The word “galena” comes from a Greek word that refers to a mineral called galena, also known as a lead sulfide.

I will give a brief overview of galena's name meaning in Hebrew.

Galena is the mineral form of lead sulfide and is a common ore of lead.
The word galena comes from the Greek word "galene" which means "to be calm or serene." This is likely because when this mineral was first discovered it was thought to be a pure reflective substance, so it was given the name “calamine” which means “pure” in French.
The Hebrew word Gil'ad means "deer." It is possible to find deer in Israel. The deer is a healthy animal that does well in the wild.
Gilead is also known as "deer" to Jews.
So what does the girl’s name mean? The simplest answer is that it means “my joy was complete,” or “a delight,” and it is one of the names that has been traditionally given to Jews in honor of their mothers.
The Hebrew word for “girl” is "Sarah," and the meaning of this word often changes depending on how it's used in a sentence. 
In ancient times, Jewish girls were given an additional name called a נִיבָה (nivah), which could mean "lullaby" or "song."
The Hebrew word for girls is "na'ara." The biblical meaning of the word “girl” is “young girl or unmarried woman.” In modern usage, the word means a female between childhood and adolescence.

This article discusses the different meanings and uses of the Hebrew word for “girl.”
Girls name meaning in hebrew
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The name girl in Hebrew means girl.
The name Girl is a Hebrew baby girl name. The meaning of the name Girl is "a deer".
Girl is in the Bible four times, in Genesis in the story of Abraham's nephew Lot and his daughters.

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