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Islamic Names | Religious Muslim Baby Names 2021

Our beloved Holy Prophet (PBUH) has advised us to choose Muslim Names that are well-meaning. He has also advised us to not mock or twist names.Twisting baby names can be extremely damaging to any child’s personality. As it is seen in some developing countries where parents and relatives twist their baby names for so long that twisted name becomes the identity of that child.Being Muslim parents,it is our responsibility to only choose righteous Islamic baby names that reflect honor, integrity, and respect towards our child’s personality.

Islam: A Complete Guide

Islam is a vast yet complete religion.It has guidance for its followers in every manner of life.The same is true when it comes to choosing a popular Muslim name for your baby. If you’re expecting or gave birth to a newborn recently, you must be looking for a unique baby name that will suit your baby’s personality not only now but later when he or she becomes an adult as well. An Islamic name adds a charming aura to a person’s personality regardless of his or her age.

Quran: The First Source:

When looking for beautiful Islamic names, the first source that comes into our minds is the Holy Book “Quran”. The “Quran” quotes many beautiful and powerful Muslim names belonging to Prophets and the “Almighty God”.These names have been popular among Muslim parents since forever and a vast majority of parents like to name their children after these sacred personalities.These unique baby names are also believed to shower blessings upon a person. 

Beautiful Names of Our Holy Prophet (PBUH):

Another great source for finding beautiful baby names is among the names that belong to our Holy Prophet (PBUH) and his friends.Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) has 99 names that are extremely beautiful and admirable.Likewise, the comrades, especially names of the four Caliphs of Islam, are very righteous and beautiful.These are also among the most popular Muslim boy names worldwide.Likewise, one can research the beautiful names of women in Islam when choosing the best Muslim girl names.

Muslim Names with Meanings:

Another area where some Muslim parents may be worried is to know the meaning of unique baby names.Most of the Islamic names are Arabic and parents who belong to different locales may find it difficult to find the meanings.To solve this problem, we have researched and added popular baby names with meanings to our archives.This way, you can easily browse through the archives, scrolling through hundreds of adorable baby names that will sound really well when given to your baby. 

All Set?

We hope you have a clear understanding of how you can easily find and choose the best Muslim name for your cute little one now.We have tried our best to bring the best names to you.All you need to do now is to grab a paper, pen or any digital device so you can note down the names that suit your baby the best. Once you have finalized the most suitable Islamic baby name, you can discuss it with your family and then announce it officially as your baby name. 

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