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Most Popular African Boy Names

The sounds of African baby and girl names are soft as the wind. Baby names and their meanings go back to the past. Oftentimes, African boy names and their meanings reflect nature, such as rivers or the south wind. Some describe qualities such as honor, beauty, and strength.

African boy names usually indicate the day they were born. Others say the order in which the baby was born, such as the first, second, third, etc.

African baby names come from over a hundred languages ​​and thousands of dialects. Baby names are often influenced by other languages ​​such as Arabic, English, and French. African baby names come from Swahili, Kiswahili, and Yorba. There are those of Amharic, Xhosa, Ibo, Twi, Dinka, Kikuyu, Ewe, and many others.

African girl names and their meaning

  • Aisha - (Swahili and Arabic) means "life."
  • Nuru (Swahili) means "Light."
  • Bibi (East Africa) means "Daughter of a King." Also, a Kiswahili name means "Lady."
  • Wub (Amharic from Ethiopia) means "beautiful."
  • Fola (Yorba from Nigeria) means "honor."
  • Ismitta (North African) means "Daughter of the mountains and the moon." This is the name of the south wind
  • Gzija (Ghanaian sheep), which means "One who is at peace."
  • Isis (Arabic), which means "The goddess Isis, guardian of the river Nile." Isis was worshiped in Egypt and in the ancient kingdom of Meroe, in present-day Sudan.
  • Deka (Somali) means "One who pleases."
  • Lulu (Swahili and Arabic) means "precious."

It seems a very simple thing to do. Naming someone doesn't seem difficult from the start, but people haunt Italian baby names and Spanish names and Biblical names until their brains are completely shut off, and they go to sleep. They get up the next day just to do the same. This usually lasts for about the duration of the pregnancy and can drive a couple crazy. What ends up happening is that the two people cannot agree and will, in fact, be involved in multiple fights over their child's name.

It's actually one of the hardest decisions to make and if you haven't had a child before, prepare to ramble your head for hours on end about the perfect name for the child who is going to change the world. It can't be something like Bob or David or Sarah or Kim because they are too common to even be considered. It has to be something special, but not too special so they won't be teased at school. And the process is the same all over the world. If you are looking for African baby names or names in China, it will always take a long time to agree on something suitable and special enough for your little bundle of joy.

Famous Names

But whatever you do, copying famous African boy names is never worth copying. Our culture has become too driven by the rich and famous around us. Although some of these people are doing amazing things to help the world, many of them are beautiful, talented people who don't deserve the things they get. It's no wonder people chase after them for photos because even those people will give you enough money to support yourself.

So my advice is to start thinking of a name for your baby when you start trying to get pregnant. That way, you won't be arguing about it when you're eight months old and not in the mood. You will save a lot of stress this way, and your partner will not fight as much with you. But there is always the possibility that you will suddenly change your mind for no reason. That's when you just give up and name the boy after your grandfather and the girl after your mother.

Although it is a widespread "trend" to call your baby boy or girl unique and often strange names, not everything is suitable for a baby, and you should think about how your name will affect your little one in the future. There are some names that do not fit the society or culture in which the parents live, so it is advisable to do a thorough search for the correct name for the baby. Or at least research the names to avoid. Here are some examples of names to avoid, along with the reasons why they are not very suitable.

African baby names

  • Simba (Swahili and Kiswahili) means "Lion" and "Strong"
  • Rafiki (Kiswahili) means "friend"
  • Xola (Xhosa), which means "Stay in peace."
  • Habib (Swahili and Arabic) means "loved one."
  • Kofi (Akan, from Ghana), which means "Born on Friday."
  • Ghali (Kiswahili and Arabic) means "precious."
  • Idrissa (from Senegal and Gambia), which means 'immortal.'
  • Mensah (Ooi, from Ghana) means "third-born man."
  • Kojo (Ashanti from Ghana) means "born on Monday."
  • Kito (Swahili) means "precious."

African boy and girl names and their meanings tell a story. The story continues as the parents leave their home country of Africa and travel the world. Selecting a name for your African boy names is the first important decision you make for him. Her name will be with them wherever they go, forever. I'm sure many have heard of the wacky names given to babies in the news and around the world. Here you will find some popular African names.


Choosing a name for your baby is very serious in African culture, and the meaning is just as important. When someone asks, "What's in a name?" tell them exactly what is in your baby's name. Talk positively about your baby with a meaningful good name. Here are some African names and their meanings.

It is so easy to choose the wrong baby name for your child that it is almost scary. In a rush to be original and creative, some parents don't understand the fact that a person's name can greatly influence the way they grow and build their personality. If you are ashamed of her name, you will probably be ashamed, and her self-esteem could be hurt.

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