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Muslim baby boy names starting with a

In order, the beginning of the names is meaningful to certain people, such as starting with A. Muslim baby names beginning with One direction Muslim male names in Islamic culture and in the world. The best Muslim boy names beginning with An incorporates the most poignant names like Arham, Ayaan, Ayan, Aryan, and Anas, which of the major Islamic Qur'anic names for boys beginning with An incorporates Arham which means mercy, compassion, kindness; Ayaan meaning Gift of God, Reward, Generosity.

Muslim boy names that start with A

Are you looking for Muslim unique baby names or Islamic young men's names that start with A? Discover groups of Muslim names for young men and Islamic names for young men starting with An in this part. There are many Muslim young men's names and Islamic names for young men beginning with An accessible on this site for your benefit. You can find out all the Islamic young boy names beginning with An in the Islamic young men names list.

All Muslim baby names and Muslim young men's names beginning with A can be found here in this segment. On this page, you can access the Islamic names of young men and the names of Muslim young men beginning with An.

Islamic names

Islamic names for Muslim baby names from the Quran, Islamic names for boys in Arabic, names of current Muslim young men, Islamic names for infant boys from the Quran, and current Islamic names for young men beginning with An are also available on the classification of names in many sites.

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Popular Muslim baby names beginning with the letter set. An are exceptionally basic among guardians. Every parent identified with any religion tries to track down the ideal name for the child anyway; Muslim guardians focus more on the wonderful boy names, as well as the most important boy names for their babies. Famous boy names that begin with A have amazing names and character qualities that emphatically influence one's inclination. Your inquiry will end here for Muslim boy names beginning with An on this multi-purpose page that has a variety of names.

Here we have accumulated unique Muslim baby names all the Muslim boy names that begin with A to account for the need for tutors to look up boy names that begin with the letters A in order. A huge summary of interesting Muslim boy names from the letter A is referenced here with their meaning, place of birth, lucky number, and all related facts.

Guardians can now effectively come up with popular baby names sahabi children's names that start with A to choose the best name for their little one.

Check out an updated roundup of biblical baby names that start with A here. Islamic children's names beginning with An are also mentioned, as this entry provides a gigantic number of names for each of the letters in order.


the name of my brothers is Ayaan, and it is something contrary to everything he says and is sensitive.


Ali's name is related to the most daring man in Islamic history. Ali's name can be used as a first name as a middle name.

Abdul Ahad

The important thing about naming his son Abdul Ahad


Asad's name is decent; the meaning of this name and the importance of another name can be effectively accessed here.


Ayan is a regular name and has various importance, and the correct detail of this name given on this page


wow what a beautiful name Arshan is ... I'm going to call my son Arshan


Abdullah is a basic name and has several meanings, but the correct detail of this name given on this page


Asif is my associated name. he is exceptionally gifted and has an amazing character, and the importance of his name is also decent.

Ali is an exceptionally normal name, but the groups of people of this current name are extremely attractive.

In the Muslim tradition, names are clearly divided into three categories: preferred names, allowed names, and forbidden names (called: haram).

At the top of the list of the Muslim baby names best names for Muslim children, names are names that imply service to Allah. This is a tradition that dates back to the days of the Prophet (PBUH) and is supported by the hadith.


Therefore, it is better for believers to name their male children with the prefix: Abd- (meaning: servant of) together with one of the names of Allah. Any of the 99 holy names can be used. Some examples are: Abdulrahman, Abdulaziz, Abdallateef, Abdallah, and Abdelmajid.

Note that the use of these names is strictly prohibited (haram) without the indication of servitude. Such names as Al-Malik, Al-Aziz, or Al-Ahad would be strictly prohibited. However, some of these holiest names can be used as given names if the prefix "Al" (meaning: from) is omitted. Therefore, names such as Malik, Ra'ouf, Hakeem, and Majid can be used.



It is worth popular Chinese baby names noting that other preferred names are the names of prophets, scholars, martyrs, and great leaders.

So one of the most common names in the world, Muhammad, honors the Prophet (PBUH) and is highly desirable, even though it does not fall into the category of names denoting service to Allah.

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