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Religious Rituals and Beliefs in Hindu Baby Names

Time Cycle in Naming of Baby

Hindus are the people having vast religion and culture which boosts their beliefs in every aspect. When it comes to naming their baby, Hindus have a strong belief in the influence of time and its positive impact on the baby’s future. Hindu Parents move forward to opt for a Unique Hindu Baby Name after considering the perfect time and date with the Priest (called Pandit ). They are well aware of the science of the time cycle in naming. So opting for  Hindu Baby Names at an appropriate time is in the best interest of Hindu parents. We have further developed our listings of Hindu Baby-names following the Hindu calendar and Mahurat.

Allotment of Letter with Name

Nowadays Hindu Babies are not given the names after the moon signs however, they are allotted a letter after their Remarkable Hindu Baby Names as a hint with which the Hindu priest could tell all the factors related to the name. These letters may be comprised of the Hindu Numerology calendar or their star signs. Hindu Numerology system is much preferable because they are based on lines and whenever if a baby wants to change his name in the future these lines are redirected based on numerological calculations. These lines of numerology and letters determine the baby's future luck and fortune. We have put forward elegant Hindu baby names with their meanings of properly maintained letters and signs.

Name matches in future of Baby

As far the naming is concerned, Hindi names are of particular importance in Popular Baby names./ The name that is opted with the consideration of astrological signs and letters in the future proves beneficial matrimonial aspect of the baby. Extraordinary popular Baby Names is selected with all the religious rituals which have made it easy to opt for a match in the future because in matrimonial relations astrological signs and time is much important. Similar to this, many other important decisions in life requires the name and signs related to them. We have presented a list of modern baby names that are perfect and loveable from every factor.

Naming after the name of God

Many Hindu parents around the world name their babies after the name of God. The reason behind it is that they want their baby to have a touch of personality of God's characteristics not more than that. The relation with Gods in Hindus is considered much important and for this, they opt a Unique Baby Name with the name's uniqueness is quite in terms of God's personality. The significance of selecting a name with God is that the baby would be bestowed with the blessings of God throughout his or her life. A part of Popular  Baby Name is also comprised of their God's name. We have listed these honorable names in our listings of Hindu names for babies.

Civilization in Naming with Time

The custom of naming Hindu Baby according to the time of birth is not a part of new traditions. Hinduism being one of the oldest cultures gives a hint of a Hindu Baby Name with its meaning from the back past of Indus-society. The other main reason why this trend is so old and it still carries significance in today’s world is that Hindus have common reliance on astrology and other related beliefs with it. Some evidence from the past has proved that Hindus in the past follow the same manner of naming as it follows today. These manners could be modified and become advanced but cannot be changed by opting for Hindu Baby boy Names. We are here to guide parents to the names of past and present in our popular listings of Hindu Baby girl names.

Naming manner of Hindus in the Past

Hindus in the past due to lack of technology and education in the world does not have the means to record the birth time and place properly and the desire to select Unique & popular Hindu Baby Names was not properly fulfilled. To surpass this problem, they used to name with the starting letter indicating the birth star. This makes the identification of the birth star easy because the astrologer will identify the star by only hearing it. In short, a Remarkable Baby Name can be opted after interrelating with time and place of Birth. We will provide parents with the best baby names on this strategy.

Ceremonies of Spirituality with Naming

Several Ceremonies occur in a baby’s life until he or she reaches the age of childhood. But one of the Ceremonies celebrated in its newly arrived days is Sutak, a ceremony that is usually celebrated in Hindus with their family coordination after the birth of a child in between 11 and 21 days. This ceremony is performed to wipe away all bad evils from the mother and baby. Before this ceremony, the baby and the mother are kept in protection at home and the visit to the Mandir (Holy place of worship) is not allowed. In between that the proper process of selecting Prominent Baby Names in Hindi proceeds. Before the ceremony of Sutak parents should view our large collection of gorgeous Hindu Baby names.

Analytical View of Naming in Hindus

Hindus are also categorized into groups in their culture. Each group differs in some traditions but when it comes to naming their baby, they carry almost the same rituals and manners in naming their baby. Every Hindu Parent has a common viewpoint to choose Unique Hindu Baby Names for their babies. Every parent desire to choose the best name for their baby and to fulfill their desire we have made their task easier by presenting them with our large collection of beautiful and wonderful Hindi names for their baby.

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