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Stylish and Unique Muslim Baby Boy islamic Names

It is truly an amazing moment in your style when you are expecting a new member of the family. When you are pregnant, you will be worried about many things throughout your nine months. For example, how to deal with the difficult family situation that will begin with the arrival of the new member? How to make a comfortable home for the cute baby? But above all, what should I call the baby? Parents begin to think about the name they will give their baby in mid-pregnancy. If the child is a boy, you will see many Muslim baby names that could suit him. You may have some interesting ideas in mind as you search for baby names and you will surely be looking for names that match her beliefs and ideals.

Different and Unique

There are many baby names that are unique and different from the usual names. You may want to use male religious names to name your baby. Names can be biblical, hero and character names, aesthetically appealing, and tailored to the character you want to see in your child. Male names can have a Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, or Hindu background. Some will have a modern twist. These types of unique Muslim baby names abound, but you need to think carefully when selecting one of them. He shouldn't become a "strange man" after a few years.

Modern Names

Some parents like baby boy names to be more traditional than modern. The traditional names will have their importance throughout the period. These male names will never lose their charm. They can easily get the traditional names of valuable websites on the Internet. Some of us like to search for male names that have ethnic labels like African, Indian, English, French, etc. There are many who are looking for perfect baby names that resemble beautiful elements in nature. These categories of names have to do with flowers, rivers, plants, trees, and many naturally beautiful things.

Cute and Stylish names

Some people can give an existing masculine popular Muslim baby names a unique twist by adding a beautiful or cute tag at the end. Some may like that their boy's name is inherited from their leaders or world leaders. There are many people who have made significant contributions to society and the world. You can select a name among them for your baby.


In the 21st century, people go to great lengths to identify great baby names that look cool, simple, and attractive. Some parents would like to have names that begin with the first alphabet of their names. Some may search for male names that contain some parts of their names. All of these types of names won't just spring to mind. You have to work really hard to finish the baby names. Remember that the name you choose reflects the character and appearance of your child. The lifespan of the name will be equal to or greater than the lifespan of your child.

Here are some ways that hopefully can help you solve your problem for modern Muslim baby names in finding the correct Muslim name if you are having difficulties in the first place, for your baby or yourself, etc.

Now these 'help' I'm about to mention maybe a bit obvious to 'most' people or something like that, but here they are nonetheless:

You can try naming your baby from your generation

As if your grandfather was called 'Yusuf', then you can use that to name your son. That way it not only helps you save time finding the correct name you want to use, but it can also be more meaningful as a name is passed down from generation to generation and it is also good because 'Yusuf' is one of the 25 prophets, of the 124'ooo prophets more or less, that could be mentioned in the Koran.

Try to choose only the Muslim names that interest you the most

Let's say for example Muslim baby names 2021 that you found about uhh ... oh no, 10 names that you liked. After that, you can try to put that in order of what you like best to what you like least. That way, after going through all the names, inshallah must find a particular name that seems most interesting to him; like the one you found sounds good, looks good, and feels good to you (meaning it feels good; the correct name for you to choose). And of course, more importantly, the name you found should have a good meaning too. An example with a name that has a good meaning is 'reward' which comes from the name 'Thawab' (this can be used for a boy or a girl).

You can try to use one of the 99 names/attributes of Allah

But before doing so, place an 'Abdul' in front of him, which means slave or servant of. So for example you can use Abdul Sabur which means 'Servant of the patient'. Or what about other names like Abdur-Rahman (Servant of the Most Merciful), Abdur-Raheem (Servant of the Most Merciful), Abdus-Sameei (Servant of the All-Hearing), etc.

Here are some names of prophets that were mentioned in the Quran, maybe you can use them. By the way, there were 25 prophets that were mentioned in the Holy Book of the Quran. Here are some names that you can use for your Muslim baby if you want or want to name yourself etc. There's Muhammed (Muhammad) which I actually think is the most popular and common name out there and it was definitely from that in the UK I'm not sure if it's still a common name 

there but I heard it has outgrown the name 'George'. And it may also be nice to use this name since he was the last major prophet (PBUH). Umm, other Muslim names you can take a look at are Ya'qub, Idris, Nuh, Hud, Salih, Lut, Ibrahim or Shu'ayb, Adam, Dhu'l Kifl, etc.

These are some of my favorite unique baby names that will hopefully interest you and allow you to decide what kind of Muslim name you want to choose for your baby, yourself, etc. So some of my favorite boy names are:

  • Butrus: the Arabic form of 'Peter'
  • Ghutayf: rich
  • Hammam: a great man, a boss, a hero
  • Khalid (Khaled): Eternal, glorious
  • Mamdouh: One who is praised, glorified, praised.
  • Zaman: time, destiny

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