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Top 1000 Popular Biblical Baby Names for your Angels

Origin of Biblical names

Bible is a religious sacred collection of gospels with a large number of believers around the world. Its believer follows it in every section of life including their names. This sacred collection (Bible) also give sacred names for its followers around the world. Biblical names initially came from its three original languages Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic because it is said that Bible was first recognized in these three languages. Therefore, we provide you such a sacred names collection on Popular baby names. Biblical names in these three languages were later translated into other languages in literary terms. We come up with such Unique Biblical baby names for your ease.

Importance of El in Biblical names

Most of the names in the Bible end with the letter El which is used for God or related to God such as Raphael (meaning; God has helped), Gabriel (meaning; God is my strength). We present a variety of Unique Biblical baby names starting with El. El is also related to the holy incident when Jesus was on the cross he addressed God with the word Eli Eli. So it is a symbolic word use in sacred names with God. Popular Biblical Baby names also provide you such beautiful names for your babies.

Links of Biblical names

When it comes to opting a name for your baby from Bible, Bible has an immense collection of sacred and spiritual names with God such as Michael (meaning; a gift from God), patriarch from God such as Abraham (meaning; exalted father), famous personality related to Bible such as Luke (meaning; light giving) and many more names related to Bible. To opt for such a name for your baby we have a huge collection of attractive Popular Biblical baby names. Bible is translated into more than 700 languages for its followers around the world.

Testament in Bible

Testament refers to belief in Holy Bible. Testament is also used for elaborating old and new names. Old Testament names such as Abel, Cain, Elijah, and many more such names are presented by Popular  Biblical baby names. The New Testament had also modified the variety of sacred names. The New Testament is named so because that is the name which was the first time called by Jesus. Some of the popular new testament names include Luke, Mark, James, and many more such names are provided by us. Extraordinary Biblical baby names are what we want for your little Baba.


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