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BEST List of Popular and Elegant Jewish (Hebrew) girl names

Popular Jewish (Hebrew) baby girl names are popular around the world, especially in Israel, the USA, and other European countries. The most popular names in America are comprised of Hebrew names. Many of the popular Hebrew baby girl names gained more popularity due to their adoption by fictional characters in movies like “Star Wars” and TV shows like “Game of Thrones”

Set Your Priorities:

Before going through the list of unique Jewish baby names for girls, you should set your priorities so it is easier for you to decide. Do you want a classic Hebrew baby girl name? One that has its roots deep down into the religion and reflects serenity, blessings and respect. Or do you want a list of modern Jewish girl names that reflect the success, intellect and fame of a recent personality? (may be a recent Nobel laureate) The sooner you’ll set the priorities straight, the easier it’ll be for you to decide.

Set Your Priorities:

Hebrew girl names with meanings have their origins dating back to 13th century BCE. Many Prophets have used Hebrew to convey their doctrines. Even many modern languages are based on Hebrew scripts. Our list of popular Hebrew baby girl names consists of many classic names that are still being used and loved widely.

Jewish Feature Girl names

Being Futuristic:

At the same time, we understand that you may not want to prefer names that may sound too outdated for your baby girl. Many women in America have classic & Popular Jewish baby girl names but they have either shortened them (Like Rey from Reyna) or prefer to be called by another nickname. So, if that is your concern, then don’t worry, we have not only included classic & unique baby girl names, but also a large list of modern Jewish baby girl names.

These are the loveliest Jewish Girl names:

These modern Jewish girl names are loved and used everywhere, from actors to business women, and from scientists to authors. May be you have always wanted to name your baby girl after your favorite author who has always inspired you. We have made it convenient for you to choose from the most promising, beloved and elegant Hebrew (Jewish) baby girl names.

Let’s find you a great Jewish Girl baby name:

Now that you have heard enough about it. Let’s grab a paper, coffee (and may be your spouse too?) and sift through the lists of unique Jewish baby girl names for your cute little angel. Oh and did we tell you that we have added meanings to the Jewish baby girl names as well? Yes, to make everything as much convenient for you as possible, we have also added meanings to every Hebrew and Jewish baby girl name on the list. Compare them side by side, discuss them with your partner, and select 5 names each from the list of Hebrew girl names. Once you have shortlisted the most promising names, you can then sit with your family and finalize one Hebrew baby girl name that is going to bless your baby.

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