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Here are the good meaning unique Muslim baby names from Quran:

Isn’t it the most beautiful and blessed feeling in the whole world when you are blessed with a little angel. The cute smiles, the pink little hands and feet, and even the crying seems something out of this world. But now that you are blessed with a baby, comes your first difficult decision as a parent; “what Muslim baby name should we choose for our little guy?” There are thousands of unique & modern Muslim baby girl names and it may seem difficult to choose one. That is why at Sweet Baby Name we have come forward to solve your problem with the best unique Muslim baby boy names from Quran on this website. Let’s choose the best boy name for your baby.

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Why is it important to choose a unique Muslim baby name?

Giving your Muslim baby a name will be the first gift to him from you and the name will forever be the identification of your baby. It is therefore important to not rush into this matter and decide wisely what to name your baby. Right now, everyone would seem to be jumping in with different Muslim baby girl names suggestions.

A Muslim baby name will glorify your newborn

Some of them would be modern Muslim baby boy names, while some of them would be classic. But you being the parent, have the right to finalize a good meaning Muslim baby girl name for your child. One, that will glorify him or her for their whole lives. That is why we have collected thousands of classic and modern Muslim names for you to decide easily. These names are finalized after long hours of explicit research and development.

An extensive list of Muslim baby names from Quran

It is of no question that we seek guidance from Quran in every part of our lives. From marriage to naming our baby, we prefer to use blessed names from Quran. It not only shows our affection and love for Quran, it also blesses the whole personality of our child. There are so many beautiful names in the Quran which we can consider when naming our baby boy. To make it convenient for you, we have collected a whole list of Muslim baby names from Quran from you. All of these are good meaning Popular Muslim boy baby names.

Feature Boys names
Name Origin Read More
Aabad Muslim Read More
Aabidullah Muslim Read More
Aadil Muslim Read More
Aafaq Muslim Read More
Aalamgir muslim Read More
Aalif muslim Read More
Aashiq Ali muslim Read More
Aashiq Muhammad muslim Read More
Aayan muslim Read More
Aazim muslim Read More
Abaas muslim Read More
Abbaar muslim Read More
Abbad muslim Read More
Abdul muslim Read More
Abdur Rafi muslim Read More
Abdur Raheem muslim Read More
Abhaj muslim Read More
Abidin muslim Read More
Absar muslim Read More
Abu Moosa muslim Read More
Abzari muslim Read More
Adl muslim Read More
Baare muslim Read More
Baari muslim Read More
Baashir muslim Read More
Baheer muslim Read More
Bakhtar muslim Read More
Afana muslim Read More
Ejlaal muslim Read More
Dawar muslim Read More
Feature Girls names
Name Origin Read More
Aabida muslim Read More
Aabira muslim Read More
Aabroo muslim Read More
Aafiya muslim Read More
Aaida muslim Read More
Aaila muslim Read More
Aaima muslim Read More
Aaina muslim Read More
Aaira muslim Read More
Aaiza muslim Read More
Aalifa muslim Read More
Aamal muslim Read More
Aamilah muslim Read More
Aana muslim Read More
Aaneseh muslim Read More
Aaqilah muslim Read More
Aaribah muslim Read More
Aarifah muslim Read More
Aarzu muslim Read More
Aaseman muslim Read More
Aasfa muslim Read More
Aasia muslim Read More
Aasimah muslim Read More
Aasira muslim Read More
Aasiyah muslim Read More
Aasma muslim Read More
Aasmaa muslim Read More
Aatifa muslim Read More
Aatifah muslim Read More
Aatika muslim Read More

Looking for classic or modern Muslim baby name?

This is another majorly important question. Would you like to go with a classic Muslim name? One that has been a favorite for centuries, or would you rather prefer a modern Muslim baby girl name? One that has recently become popular and is formed by joining two-words, or translated from another language? The Muslim boy name identifies the glorification of Muslim history, the faith and the success. By blessing your child with a Muslim baby girl name, you are giving him something magnificent: “a name that holds glory unto itself”

Good meaning Muslim baby girl names have a direct impact on your child’s personality

Also, many people are of mind that names have a great direct impact on the personality of your Muslim baby. Don’t worry, whether classic or modern, we have listed down some of the most unique Muslim baby names so you can sit with your loved ones and choose a Muslim baby girl name that will be your first gift to your little angel.

All the unique Muslim baby boy names from Quran for you in one place

It will be quite difficult for you to decide on a unique Muslim baby name for your baby boy or girl if you don’t know the meaning right? But that is exactly what makes this website special and exclusive from other websites. We have not only compiled the best Muslim baby girl names, but we have also compiled their meanings for you; all in one place. We have made it simple and convenient for you to decide your baby’s name by knowing the meaning and comparing them side by side.

These modern and unique Muslim boy names are for Life

We should remember that naming our baby boy is not just for a birthday but for Life. This unique Muslim baby boy name is going to be the identification of your son forever. So, what is left for us is to just sit back, grab a cup of coffee, paper and your spouse. Now that we are settled, we can start scrolling through the list of beautiful, modern and good meaning Muslim baby girl names for your baby. Once you have sifted through the list, you will have 5 to 10 favorite Muslim boy baby names from Quran. Now you just need to sit with your spouse and family, and decide upon one Muslim baby girl name that is going to bless your baby. Once again, we congratulate you on having such an adorable and sweet baby. Please let us help you find the sweetest baby name for your baby.

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