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Muslim Baby Names with meaning from Quran

According to a Hadith by our beloved Prophet (SAW) “a child must be named promptly on his/her birth” Also, the Muslim baby girl name you’d choose for your little angel should reflect your love for religion and values right? That is why we have compiled a large list of most promising and heavenly Muslim baby girl names with meanings for you.

Your baby’s birth right:

It is the birth right of your baby girl to be named properly and beautifully. In fact, she should be named as beautifully as she herself is. We are here to help you with it. We understand that it is really difficult for you to come upon one mutual decision right now or even list down few Muslim baby names for girl as there would be a lot of suggestions coming at you from every relative, friend and colleague. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look for a beautiful Muslim baby girl name by yourself.

Don’t rush:

We know it is really time consuming to go through hundreds of thousands of unique Muslim baby girl names. The task can become tedious no matter how much motivated you are. You may already be exhausted from the lots of new experiences you just had. But this is not the time to feel tired as your baby deserves your utmost attention and enthusiasm right now.

Our gift to your sweet baby:

We have taken the responsibility to introduce you to the most adorable Muslim baby names with meanings so you can simply browse through them and short list the ones that looks great for your little angel. After shortlisting the best Muslim baby girl names, you can then sit with your family and take a mutual decision of choosing the Muslim girl name that makes you happy and puts a cute little smile on your baby’s face.

Muslim Feature Girl names

Some facts to remember:

Before you browse through our long list of unique Muslim baby names for your newborn, we would like to inform you of some facts.

  • Some of the Muslim baby girl names spell almost alike but they have different pronunciations.
  • Changing the pronunciation of many names change their meanings as well.
  • Most of the names have Arabic origins to them, thus making them unanimous to all the locations.
    While we have a large range of unique Muslim baby girl names, we have also added modern Muslim names for you. These names are taken from the most prominent Muslim scientists, scholars and most revered figures. These names reflect the intellectual, respect and values of the personalities they have been derived from.

Don’t hesitate in consulting with Religious Scholars:

While you can simply browse through the website’s large database of adorable and beautiful Muslim baby girl names with meanings, you can also consult with a religious scholar after shortlisting some Muslim baby names for girl. He can well-provide you with the details of blessings and descriptions attached to each name. Even if you want to decide with your family only, we have provided enough details about the modern & unique Muslim girl names for your cute little angel.

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