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Most Popular Jewish (Hebrew) Names for Children

Your love for your baby is unconditional. You will want everything for your baby to be perfect. Whether it be a popular Jewish baby name or clothes; your love shall be reflected in everything. Hebrew names originate back to early Egyptian, Aramaic and Canaanite civilizations. Not every unique Hebrew baby boy name is strictly Hebrew in its origins. Some may have been derived from other ancient languages as well. (source: Wikipedia) But problem right now is to choose the best Jewish baby girl names for children right? It’ll be your first gift to your baby and you want it to be the best name possible. Don’t worry, at Sweet Baby Name, by the end of this article you’ll be able to know many Jewish baby name ideas for babies.

Jewish Baby Boy Names

Jewish Baby Girls Names

In a nutshell, this is what you are going to discover with us:

  • History of Hebrew baby names
  • Origin of Chinese baby names
  • Why should you put a lot of thought in baby’s name?
  • What do you want the unique Jewish baby name to reflect?
  • Should you consult with others?
  • How to clear your thoughts?
  • How are going to help you?

History of Hebrew baby names:

Many of the popular names today in USA and other parts of world are names of Hebrew origin for men and women. These popular Jewish baby girl names are often chosen without knowing much about their history. Many of the Hebrew baby boy names comes from the old testament, also known as Hebrew Bible. Some of these names are used as it is while many of them have been altered by adding a divine meaning to them. Gabriel (Man of God) and Michael are examples of the latter. These exotic Hebrew girl names and boy names have been consistently used for many centuries. Many have been altered with additions from other cultures and civilizations. A majority of these Jewish name ideas for babies are prevalent in Christianity as well.

Why should you put a lot of thought in baby’s name?

It’s not just a name. It is your baby’s identification that is going to stay with forever. You wouldn’t want to choose a unique Hebrew baby boy name for your baby without first putting a lot of thought in it. Believe me, your baby will thank you later for it. Some parents might just want to get done with it and select the first elegant Hebrew baby girl name they find on the internet. I, on the other hand, would recommend that this is a one-time effort which is going to bless your baby forever, so you shouldn’t just rush into things. Many parents believe that a well-researched name such as Hebrew girl names will have long-lasting effects on their baby. If you’re one of them, then it is almost vital to put a lot of thought into your baby name.

What do you want the Jewish baby name to reflect?

Yes, that is one of the most important questions you should be asking yourself. Do you know what can be common between your baby and great Hebrew personalities? “A unique Hebrew baby name” It has been noticed that a baby named after a great warrior shows more bravery or when named after a great poet shows more affection towards books and nature. I would suggest that you should make it very clear what kind of qualities do you want the Unique Hebrew baby girl name to bestow on your child. For example, if you would love for your baby to become a scientist in his or her life, you should choose a Popular Jewish baby boy names that belongs to a successful scientist whose discoveries changed the world. Or maybe you would want your baby to have more love towards the religion; in that case, you should opt for a classic name of Hebrew origin for men derived from the religious saints. But what is evident is that you should be certain of what qualities do you want the popular Jewish name idea for baby to have.

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Should you consult with others?

In Israel, it is a norm to consult with Jewish Rabbis before one finalizes a name. It is because they know what Hebrew baby names will suit your child the best. Likewise, you can also find Popular Jewish last names within your family. Some parents love to name their baby after a relative who has passed away. Look around and you will find many Jewish boy names 2018.

How to clear your thoughts?

Many times, a conflict may arise between you and your better half concerning the best Jewish name idea for baby. While you may want an English to Hebrew baby girl name, your partner may have already thought of a classic Hebrew baby name. If it is the case, I would recommend that you sit together and try to understand each other. Try to learn why your partner is insisting on a particular list of Hebrew names? Maybe he or she has some old affection to those names. In any case, you need to understand each other’s point of view and come to the decision together as the baby would be happier for his parents to understand each other and decide a unique Hebrew baby boy name together.

How are we going to help you?

Aside from the advice, we are here to help you reach to a decision about your baby name conveniently.


We have researched for many hours, days and weeks and gone through thousands of unique Jewish baby boy names, popular Jewish last names, elegant Hebrew baby girl names and popular Jewish last names. Now that we are done with the research, we have in your service only the finest, most elegant and modern Hebrew and Jewish names for children. So please, feel free to browse through the list of Hebrew names with your loved ones and choose what seems best to you.

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